Moving day.

Saturday is the day all of us that are going up to Quest need to move our things that way. Malcolm offered to tow up pilots who want to try to fly there. He also said anyone who wants to stay at the Ranch while flying in the Quest comp is more than welcome. I checked the results this morning and they are still screwed up. The results for the four valid tasks for class 5 are posted and I have a score in each, but in the overall standings they have me absent for the third task. Without this missing score I am in 14th place, but if I add the missing score I am in 9th place (unless the other pilots' scores are wrong as well).

Quest Air.

I snagged the last room at the Groveland Motel, the closest motel to Quest. The Super 8 by Wallaby was much much better at the same price. They only take cash at the Groveland, and since so many pilots are here, only rent for the week. The room has a refrigerator and stove, but no microwave. How long do socks take to dry at 350 degrees? After I was all checked in, I noticed that there was no phone in the room. I asked at the office and was told there was a pay phone in the back parking lot. I headed back to Quest to set up my glider and help Rich Sauer install his carbon leading edge inserts. Mark Poustinchian came over and we started talking gliders. I told him of my phone line problem and he offered to let me use his. So, thanks to his generosity, you can still read my saga.

As I was setting up my glider, the metal sleeve in the corner bracket fell out, and with it the wire tang and spacer. I found all the pieces in the grass. After re-installing them, I used a pair of vise grips to squeeze the two ends of the spacer enough so it would not easily fall out. If you have one of the new Wills Wing aero control frames, you might want to check that part.

As I was driving around today, I noticed something about Florida traffic signals that I almost never see in California. They are hung from cables that criss cross the street. Back home, most of the time they are on long arms that hang out over the street from a pole, and there is usually another light down lower on the pole. The problem I have been having, with gliders on the rental car, is that I can not see the traffic signals overhead. I have been lucky; most of the time there has been a car in front of me. Hopefully they are not running a red light.

We had the first pilots meeting at 5:00. This meet seems more relaxed. David Glover is running the meet and is at the other end of the spectrum in personality than JC. David seems to come across so much better. There were much less complaints from the pilots, even when the cloud flying issue was brought up. They might have as many as 20 tugs here. It should make the tows go extremely fast.

Rich seems to have a magnet in the nose of his glider that kicks in when he is flaring. Hopefully he will get that worked out. I purchased a new nose cone for this trip, and it still has no grass stains on it. I hope I can keep it that way.

The weather today looked like there might not be much lift, but after 1:00 it really looked good. The pilots flying in from Wallaby had trouble getting down. Itís now 6:00 and the sky is a little overdeveloped, but gliders are still thermaling.


PS While I am sitting in Markís motor home sending this, his double yellow Amazon parrot is talking to me.