Quest Day 2

I went over to Quest early to set up my glider and check it out. Rich was setting his up at the same time. He mentioned something about the “set up of shame” - if you made goal, you did not have to set up your glider because you just tied it down for the night still set up. I finished 13th for the day, yesterday, the closest pilot to goal that did not make goal. Half of the rigid gliders made goal and about a third of the flex wings.

Nancy, my wife and driver, arrived last night. Life is much better.

Rich installing his carbon fiber leading edge inserts.

At the pilots meeting, they gave Bruce “the MacGyver award” for his shoelace-on-the-down-tube trick. A 65 mile task from Quest to Winter Haven and back was called. Start times were pushed back to 1:45, 2:00, and 2:15. Clouds were forming to the west by 12:00. Wind dummies started going up and coming down at 12:40.

It seemed that everyone was ready to go at the same time. I was ready pretty fast and still was near the back of the line. This was another mistake. Lift was light, and I never did get a good start. I was only ˝ mile from the start line at 2:15. Sucking hind teat again.

The lift was still light for the first 15 miles and picked up from there. I was only under 3,000’ once on the way to the turn point. On the way back I was above 4,500’ for 10 miles. Then, up ahead, the clouds disappeared and there was nothing but blue.

I found several thermals in the blue that took me back above 4,000’. 17 miles from Quest I had my last thermal. I managed a glide of 8 miles. I heard over the radio that Rich landed 8.9 miles short. At 10 miles out, I was at 600’. I could see the field Rich landed in up ahead. I decided to land in the same field to make it easier on Nancy. I arrived with just enough height to make a left 90 degree turn to final.

I think my bad landing days are behind me. Yesterday I found I was not rocking up in my harness far enough. Today I made sure I was all the way up. The landing was easy, except Rich did not tell me the field was very soft sand. I sank about 9” into the wet sand.

Nancy was only ˝ mile away when I landed……..behind a locked gate. We had to hoof our gliders the ˝ mile to the car.

I saw a lot of gliders on the ground both to and from the turn point, but not too many rigids. There were a lot of gliders back at Quest. Looks like another “set up of shame” tomorrow.

Nancy found lots of interesting bugs, but was disappointed not to see any alligators. She is hoping to find an alligator farm near here.

Rich had a lot of trouble with his radio caused by using his APRS, so he will not use it tomorrow. I hope people were able to follow me today.

My vario trace, click on it for a larger version.