The party last night was great.  Bob and his band played well into the night.  I tried a few sips of beer, but nothing really struck my fancy.  Most of the pilots are already packed up and on their way, either home or to the next comp in South Florida.  

The scores on the Flytec website are not correct as I type this.  I placed 7th, my best finish at the Flytec comp.  I was the second place American pilot.  With Jim Yocom not making goal yesterday, I passed him in points.  The day I only received 72 points cost me several places.  Oh well, live and learn.  

Yesterday when the lead flex wing pilots caught us, Mark and I were in a thermal all to ourselves.  Without saying anything to each other we both widened our circles so as not to interfere with their race.  We had nothing to gain at this point by getting in their way.  I thought it was neat that we both had the same idea at the same time.

As you can see in the track log above, I turned left of course on the way to the first turnpoint (the course was run clockwise with Quest on the lower right corner).  I had it on a glide, but chickened out and played it safe and joined a gaggle.  As it turned out, I would have been under a great cloud street and could have knocked at least 30 minutes off my time. 

There were only two days here that I felt confident about were the thermals were.  As I have said many times before, I am not good at reading the clouds.  I am glad finished as well as I did.  I thought the local pilots would tromp me with their knowledge of the local weather.

My glider and camping gear are all packed up in the crate.  I will stay in a motel tonight and head for the airport in the morning.  If you can drive here in your own rig, I would suggest it.  Having some of my gear in the crate, some with me on the plane, then some in the rental car and finally ever more in the retrieve car, I felt like I was spread all over the state.  I lost my back up GPS for two days, my glasses for a day, various clothes etc.  At home, everything is in the same place in my truck, and I use a tent trailer when I travel to sites. 

I will try and write up a summery of the entire trip when I get home.  Thanks to all the people who wrote me and told me they enjoyed my reports.  It makes all the time spent doing them worth it.