We woke to a clear blue sky with the temperature in the mid 50's.  I got Nancy up at 8 am to get ready for breakfast.  The breakfast was similar to that served in many US hotels; rolls (and big soft pretzels), cheese, lunchmeats, yogurt, cereals, butter, jams, juice, etc.  They did not have pastries.  

After breakfast we went for a walk.  Across the street, a company had a fountain in the front.  It was filled with pollywogs and some salamanders.  Nancy was really excited.  This is why she came along, to see what kind of critters Germany had.  

On our walk we passed a tennis club that had clay courts.  I have never seen a clay court in person before.  I don't know if clay courts are the norm here.  There was no one to ask.

Speaking of asking, everyone I talked to prior to my visit said that most everyone in Germany speaks English.  This was true at the airport, but once we left the area, only one the the four people I tried to talk with spoke English.  

After our walk we checked out and asked Betty to find us a park.  She directed us to one a few miles away.  It had a lake with a large fountain on a hill that formed a stream that emptied into the lake.  It had most of the same things as a park back home, ducks, geese, dogs and mischievous children.  One of them splashed Nancy.  Never letting a challenge go unanswered, proceeded to get in a water fight that lasted 10 minutes. 

You can see Nancy running from one of the boys after soaking him with water.

After the water fight and visiting another small park, we had lunch at a small village nearby.  It was a German Pizza place.  A medium pizza, beer and a coke was only 9 euro.  After lunch Nancy decided we should go visit the Black Forest, particularly a clock museum there (the AIR factory is very close to the Black Forest).  Betty had the museum in her database.  She said it was 125Km away, 90 of that was on the autobahn.  I got a little bolder and soon was comfortable averaging 100 mph.  I was still getting passed.  Once I decided to see how fast the car that passed me was going.  I reached 125 mph (in the diesel wagon) before they stopped pulling away.  We traveled 50 miles in 30 minutes.  The autobahn is very smooth with large radius curves.  Occasionally the speed limit would slow to 100 to 120, but most of the time, it's how fast you can drive.  On Saturday there was a lot of traffic and that limited how fast cars could go.  Today was Sunday and since most everything is closed, the traffic was very light. 

Betty led us to the museum which had closed.  We decided to look at a hotel we had passed on the way.  They were booked (it took three people before we found one who spoke English).  The woman said her brother had a hotel 10 miles away and he had rooms available.  Betty had never heard of the place. We were on our own.  We found it without any problems.  It is called the Neu-Eck Hotel.  All the rooms have private baths, telephone, cable TV and include breakfast.  The room cost 35 euro.  The gentleman that runs the hotel has been helping us learn German.

We took another walk and met an old farmer and his wife.  He spoke very little English and was curious about a couple of Californian's walking on his property.  He said his house was around the corner and we could stop by.  It was getting late so we declined.  We hiked a little farther and did see his house.  It was enormous.  I don't know what he farmed to get a house that big.  After the walk, we had dinner at the hotel.  They had vegetarian meals which surprised me.  I had a type of noodle with cheese and fried onions which I enjoyed.  Nancy had steak.  They served the meal with rolls and salted goose fat.  Salted goose fat is one of my father's favorites.  We tried a little and found it tasted better than it sounds.