We woke up to rain this morning.  Nancy said it started last night.  The hotel included breakfast with the room so we ate here.  The breakfast was like yesterday's with breads, cheese, lunchmeat, yogurt, etc.  They have very tasty rolls here.  We decided to visit the Uhr museum in the next town.  This is a museum that features black forest clocks.  

The museum had three floors of clocks displayed.  They also had clock making tools, pocket watches, modern clock and watches and more.  While touring museum, I came across an ad for a stop watch the I thought hang glider pilots might find of interest.  

After the clock museum we drove back to the AIR factory.  I thought with the rain, Christoph might be back today.  It looked like a holiday today with all the stores closed.  We also passed at least 100 motor homes (small cab over camper type) on the drive back.  I am getting too used to the speed on the autobahn, when we slow down below 100 mph it seems slow (it has stopped raining and the pavement was dry).  We averaged between 21 and 23 mpg on the 160 mile round trip.  At the AIR factory we ran into Felix instead of Christoph.  He did not know which gliders Christoph had set aside, so we will come back tomorrow and pick them up.  I asked him if today was a holiday and he said yes.  He also said next Monday was also a holiday (he added with a wink that Germans were lazy).  He told us of an interesting castle we could hike up to and have lunch.  He drew us a map and we set off again.  

We first asked Betty (Bitching Betty, our onboard car navigations system) to find us a hotel in the area.  We made a different choice from two days ago.  It was only a 4 mile drive to a 4 room hotel in the country.  They have a small restaurant on the first floor and rooms on the second.   A nice bonus is this hotel is non smoking.  After living in a non smoking state for so long, I am really spoiled about people smoking around me.  Last night at dinner, people seated on either side of us were smoking.  They did not have a non smoking section.  What we have also found amazing are the cigarette vending machine on most street corners.  We even saw one on the outside wall of a school.  On the way to the hotel we stopped at a stand selling Erdbeeres (strawberries).  A large basket was $3.  The were very sweet.

After getting our room, I went ahead and made the rack for the roof of the car.  It only took about an hour.  It stayed on the car at 100+ so hopefully it will stay on with gliders.  After finishing this task, we headed off for the castle.  The castle name was Teck.  It sits on the top of a small mountain.  This mountain (ok, hill) is a very popular spot for sail planes and RC gliders.  There were 10 or so gliders soaring above the hill.  You can drive within a half mile of the top, and then you walk the rest.  It was a strenuous hike, but we saw two very pregnant women and a lot of children, so it must not have been too hard.  The section of the first floor of the castle was set up as a restaurant.  They also had a walk up window for food.  Nancy and I split a large slice of very good apple pie, $2 and she had a Radhler, which is a drink made from beer and lemonade that seemed very popular.  She said she liked it.  What I did not understand (and I never found out) was how they got water to the castle.  Nowadays it can be pumped, but 500 years ago?