We woke up early (7:00) to make sure we could get to the AIR factory and pick up the gliders.  I had told Felix that we would like to pick them up at 8:00 am because we had to drive to Munich to pick up Bruce and Jim.  He said he would call Christoph and let him know our schedule.  We made it to the factory right at 8:00.  Christoph was not in yet so we drove into town for some breakfast and then back to the factory.  Christoph made it in at 9:00.  He kept getting interrupted with phone calls so it took a long time to get the gliders ready and loaded.  We left the factory at 11:00 am.

I made the rack with two boards covered with foam.  The gliders were tied to the car roof rails in two places, and at the front and back  Nancy drove us to Munich to get Bruce and Jim.  When the traffic was light enough, she was driving at 140 Kph, about 88 mph.  The gliders stayed on the car just fine.  Christoph said they drive 160 Kph with gliders mounted like this. 

We had no problem finding the guys as they were waiting in the hotel lobby.  It was quite a feet getting all the luggage to fit in the car.  We had three harnesses, 5 suitcases, 4 smaller bags and some items that Nancy and I had picked up along the way.  We were forced to tie two of the harnesses to the gliders on the top of the car.  When we got ready to leave the hotel in Munich and head for Greifenberg Austria, we found that Betty did not have much of Austria in her data base.   We were forced to rely on my TeleType program, it did have Greifenberg. 

My computer has been having keyboard problems, half the time I have to tap on all the keys and reboot a couple of times before it will work.  I got it working and I started driving while Nancy acted as navigator. The program is a little hard to understand, and with Bruce and Jim helping her, they managed to get me off route.>>>>Nancy here (Vince is in taking a shower) Just for the record, even with an on board navigation system, and a portable GPS with a map program, not one of these guys could admit we lost our way. We wound up on a construction site;)<<<< Bruce volunteered to drive while I acted as navigator.  We made it back on route and on our way.  Bruce was really enjoying the autobahn.  >>>>Nancy again: Bruce drove very safely, is not drinking any beer, showers regularly, and says "Hi Mom!".<<<< It takes a little getting used to, not the speed so much as the constant lane changes needed to get out of the way of the faster cars and to pass the slower ones.

We changed drivers a couple of more times.  Every time I was not navigator we found ourselves making a wrong turn.  We stopped in a small town in Austria for a late lunch.  Nancy found a yarn store and left us to eat by ourselves.  Bruce is getting over a cold and is sounding much better than he did a couple of days ago.  We pulled into our hotel a little after 6 pm and saw Ron, Elsa, Davis and Belinda a few minutes later.  They had arrived a few hours earlier. 

We have a very nice room, but no phone.  I have not found out about an internet connection yet.  I hope I can work that out tomorrow.