Today the weather was some what like yesterday.  Lower clouds in the morning, rising in the afternoon.  Nancy is getting comfortable with the room and the time change, as she can sleep all night and as late as she can in the morning.  Breakfast is from 8 to 10 so she does have to get up in time to eat.  

Several of us are still making small adjustments to the gliders and or clothing so we went up to fly even though the day did not look that great.  Bruce, Jim and I are making small adjustments to our hang point.  Ron and Davis flew in a comp last week so they are good to go.  I am also trying to get warmer in flight.  Ron lent me his bar mitts and I added another jacket and a second pair of long underwear under my jeans.  That did the trick. I was warm enough, even at 8,500' and 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temperatures are supposed to warm up significantly as an air mass moves up from Spain.  

Bruce wanted to fly a task today for practice so he picked a few turn points.  We did not realize that the turnpoints required several mountain range crossings.  All of us but Davis launched one right after another.  Davis launched an hour later.  Bruce was first to top out and head for the turn point.  I was about a mile behind him.  He took a good line and stayed at cloud base all the way across the valley.  He crossed the range and got the first turn point.  The rest of us crossed the valley but never got high enough to cross the range.  

I caught up with Bruce when he came back across the mountains to get the second turnpoint.  The sky was now completely overcast.  I did not think I could make it back out of the valley the turn point was down, so I headed back over to the LZ.  Bruce headed a little further but never hit any lift and headed back as well.  He must have his glider set up well, because he was the only one to make it across the range and back;)  The air today was more pleasant than yesterday.  We were still flying the lee side at launch, but there was very little turbulence.  

Today Bruce, Jim and I, all landed next to the parking lot of the hotel.  We only needed to carry our gliders about 20' to load them on to the car.  The flying in Florida has spoiled me.  Being able to keep your glider set up for several days is nice.

Nancy has been busy investigating the different varieties of farm animals.  Today she found some interesting sheep and a type of cow she had not seen before.  She was able to pet one of the cows.  She even let it lick  her on the cheek (which grossed me out).  The cow's tongue was half the size of Nancy's head.

Kissing cows?