Bruce wanted me to explain the differences between the Atos-C and the Atos-V, (as we have been able to figure out).  Felix and Christoph have never said directly what the difference is.  These are just some differences we have been able to figure out.  The wing area of the "V" includes the area of the V-tail.  The listed weight also includes the weight of the tail.  There are different rib angles between the two gliders.  The trailing edge of the "V" completely encloses the rib cams.  The spoilers on the "V" are aluminum and extend a little further toward the wing tip. I have not flown a "V", but I have flown side by side with one, and as far as performance is concerned, I believe that the "V" fly's faster with less bar pressure and has a better glide at speeds above 45 mph.  I am flying a glider that has the V's spoilers and (as I was told) the same rib angles as the "V" (it has a B sail).  It turns faster than either my Atos-B or my Stratus-C.   With only a few inches of bar movement it is easy to fly 10 to 15 mph faster.

Today we decided to take the day off.  Nancy wanted to go visit a wool processing facility in the Austrian Alps and Bruce wanted to tour a castle..  We ran into our first big road construction delays on the trip to the wool facility.  The roads here are in very good condition. We were wondering how they could stay that good without a lot of repaving.  The construction areas we came across were only 100 yards long so we still can't figure out how the roads stay in such good shape.

Elsa came along so she could visit Lienz.  We dropped her off to explore, and when she was finished, she would take the train back to Greifenberg.  We arrived in the town with the wool facility and could not find it.  We came across a museum and asked the lady at the front desk for directions.  She was able to get in contact with someone who told us that the facility did not open for 3 more weeks, so we headed off for the castle.  The area we have been flying and driving around looks like something out of a story book, green mountains with picturesque houses on the hillsides.  Every few miles there would be a small village with a church.  

We found the castle in Lienz with only one missed turn.  The castle dated from the 1300's and much of it had been refurbished into a museum in 1999-2000.  It always amazes me what can be made with just manual labor.  One part of the castle was a tower 40' square and 5 stories tall.   With all the displays in German, it was difficult to fully understand many of the displays.  Most of the displays were works of art on loan from other museums.  There was very little information on the actual construction of the castle.  There was a chapel in the castle which had murals painted on the walls and ceilings.  The paintings dated back 500 years.  The colors were incredibly vibrant.  We were all amazed that there were no barriers to prevent anyone from touching the displays.  There were a couple of employees walking around, but for the most part we were alone.  

When we arrived back in Greifenberg, we continued on our quest to find Bruce a watch.  His watch battery died the day he arrived.  The only watches we have found have been expensive, more than 50 euro.  He just wanted a cheap $20 watch like you can buy in most Walmarts, Targets, Longs, etc.  I asked the clerk at the post office and he told me of a store around the corner.  The store turned out to to be about 50 yards from Bruce's hotel.  They had some cheaper Casio watches and he was able to find one he liked.  He now has no excuse for not winning this competition.

Arriving back at our hotel (it is one of the LZ's) we found that Jim, Ron and Davis had not flown today.  They did drive up to launch, but for the most part, today was overcast and did not look like a good day.  The set up area was crowded, and most of the gliders had sled runs.  A few were able to stay up, including Manfred and Brian in the swifts.

No pictures today because I forgot to replace the sim card in our video camera.  We did get some video which I can try to capture a picture from when we get home.