Today was the first official practice day.  The meet officials had designated set up areas for the rigids, flexwing and swifts.  I did not fly today as I could not see any benefit and I did not want to risk breaking something on the glider so close to the start of the meet.

In the morning the sky was somewhat clear, but by 12:00 it was completely overcast with some occasional blue holes.  Bruce, Jim, Ron and Davis decided to fly.  The set up area was somewhat crowded, but all the gliders in the meet where not up on launch.  With the tails on the rigids, you can't stack them as close together as the flex wings. 

As Bruce was setting up, he showed me the #9 rib tubes on the glider he is renting from Felix.  I measured it and found it to be 7"  longer than a standard glider.  This must be one of Felix' secrets as this is his personal glider.  It also has slightly larger spoilers.  Bruce seems to be doing very well on it in practice.

The tip in the left is an Atos V, the one on the right is Felix' glider.  The wrinkles in the picture go away when you put an upward load on the #9 rib.

Davis was one of the first to launch.  He eventually sunk out.  That was the case for most of the pilots who launched before 2:00.  There was a long (almost and hour) wait in the launch line because the wind decided to blow down hill.  Shortly after 2:00 it started blowing up again.  Bruce then Jim and Ron launched.  As I arrived back at the LZ they were all still in the air.  I thought I could write this up while I waited.

There is a pilots meeting today at 5pm and a parade tonight at 8pm.  I will post this today and the rest of the days events tomorrow.