Today's report will have to be short due to today's events.  The day was blue when we drove up to launch.  The weather report called for stronger winds and a slight chance of overdevelopment (thunderstorms).  The lift was supposed to start a little later today than yesterday.  A task was called to the northwest over some rough mountains, then across a lot of mountains without valleys to land in.  The task distance was 131 miles.  After the task was announced, many of the pilots who know the area expressed their concern about flying over the high mountains with the winds that were predicted.  The weather official called some weather stations in the area and found the the winds were gusting higher than predicted.

The task committee changed the task to an area to the south with lower mountains.  It was now only 128 miles.  All launch and start times were pushed back 1/2 hour.  Launch went much smoother today as many pilots chose to launch early.  There never seemed to be more than two or three pilots in the line at any one time.  

The American pilots were close together at the start.  After the start we got separated as usual.  I was doing really well toward the first turn point, then made a bad decision and found myself low with all the leaders passing over me, 5000' above me.  I lost 10 to 15 miles trying to get back up.  Bruce was doing really well, staying close to the leaders.  Near the first turn point we were getting to 13,000', about 2 miles agl.  

Soon the course started to overdevelop and I found myself circling on a ridge for 20 minutes waiting for a rain storm on course line to pass.  Bruce had radioed that the second turn point was under a thunderstorm and there was no hurry getting to it.  The clouds moved off and I was able to get going again after getting low enough to circle to land.  Jim was back above 12,000' and catching up quickly.  Davis had landed when it had overdeveloped.  I was 1/2 mile short of passing over the spot where Davis landed when we got a call on the radio that the task had been stopped due to dangerous conditions.  Just when Jim and I were doing better.

Nancy went to pick up Bruce who had made the last turnpoint and was heading for goal when he landed.  My computer was in Nancy's car and they did not get back until late.  We have heard that one of the countries may file a protest.  If they are successful, we may all get a zero for the day.

My track log from task 2.  I was 18 miles from the last turnpoint when the task was called.  You can see in the track that I turned back and landed next to Davis to make the retrieve easier.  Jim also landed next to us.