We have not had dinner in the same restaurant more than twice since arriving in Greifenberg.  Last night we tried another one near our hotel.  The menu was only in German so one of the German pilots, Monique, helped us translate.  The food was very good.  All the meals have been very good.  I have not had any problems finding vegetarian meals over here, which I thought would be a problem.  

There was a party last night in a big tent outside our hotel.  Even with the windows closed, the music was very loud.  It wound down at 3:45am.  Then there were some teenagers drinking at 4:30am and the police came and called their parents.  At 6:00am the kitchen staff starts up and some children were running around the hotel.  I'm glad I brought some ear plugs.

The flying today was officially called off at 10:45 this morning.  We were told that there was a 50% chance that we will fly tomorrow, Sunday, and we should drive up to launch.  

Today they are having a Flugtag at the lake next to our hotel.  This is an event where competitors make a variety of flying machines and see who can fly the farthest off a ramp about 15' high.  Very few of the entrants look like anything that could fly.  There was a shopping cart made up like the USS Enterprise (Star Trek), a fire nozzle,  chicken, a Wonder Bra, etc.  The best distance seems to be a result of how fast they are pushed off the ramp more than any flying ability.

Here is the Wonder Bra on it's fateful flight. 

There was an artist at the event who was doing face painting.  The picture above does not show the end result as good as it looks in person.  The little girls eyes were stunning.  

It started raining hard so we ran back to our hotel room and I started working on today's report.   I will post it earlier than usual.  There is thunder and lightning outside as I type.  

The rigid pilot that had to deploy his parachute when his control system failed had felt his spoilers jam on a flight two days prior to his cable breaking.  He did not investigate the problem after that flight, which I find absolutely reckless.  He had made adjustment to his glider beyond the factory specifications which caused the problem.  If he had been in a thermal with a lot of other pilots he could have endangered more than himself.  I will post some pictures and a description of the area that the problem occurred when I get home.  Before every flight the pilot must make sure that all the cables are running freely across the pulleys and there are no wear spots in the cables.

The USA class 5 team is not doing very well in the standings, but we are having a great time flying the Alps.  I am very impressed with the Japanese pilots.  They are doing very well despite not being familiar with this flying site.  It could be that they are all flying with brand new Atos V's.  Most of the teams here are sponsored by their governments.  The German team has a physical therapist, doctor, driver, team leader etc. 

Kari Castle has a glider, parachute and harness coming from Italy for her if she wants to continue to fly in the meet.  The glider is the one that Christian flew last year for the class 1 worlds.  I have not seen her today so I don't know what she is going to do.