There was another party in the tent next to our hotel last night.  The bands sounded pretty good, but they did not stop playing until 4:30 in the morning.  When the music stopped, some of the revelers started partying in the hotel parking lot.  I managed a few hours sleep.  Nancy got very little sleep.  There is no party scheduled for tonight.  

It rained a lot last night and when we went to breakfast, the sky was completely overcast.  All the local pilots said there was no way we would fly today, but we had to wait for the official word at 10:00 this morning.  When they announced the day day canceled, the meet officials said there was an 80% chance we would fly tomorrow, but we should wait at the bottom of the hill until 9:00am when they will let us know whether we should go up the hill or not.

With the day canceled, all of us on the class 5 USA team decided to go visit a castle in the central part of the state of Karnten, the part of Austria we are in.  The castle sits on the top of a very steep rock outcropping.  What makes it different from other castles in the area are the 13 gates that were built to keep out invaders.  The gates were in series with each other so an invader would have to breach all 13 to reach the main castle.  Each gate used a slightly different method of slowing down attackers, such as a draw bridge, iron doors, vertical bars etc.  One gate had a unique bridge that would rotate 90 degrees longitudinally to prevent crossing.  All of the gates were build in the 16th century.  

The castle inhabitants made use of cisterns to get the water needed for the castle.  They also had a mill to grind flour.  If I read the sign correctly it made use of wind and possibly animal power to run.  There was a museum in the main area of the castle with a very large display of armor and weapons used to defend the castle.  

Tonight there is going to be a screening of a DHV video that shows the results of some tuck test done by the DHV.  There is also going to be some video shot by the German team photographer (did I forget to mention that the German team has their own photographer)?

On the lower left of the picture is one of the last gates on the path before the main castle.  At the top of the picture is the castle's church steeple.

Bruce, Nancy and I have been taking turns driving the car.  Each time someone does something wrong such as hit a curb they get a point.  Nancy has the fewest with 2, I have 3, Bruce earned a bunch today.  We have not determined how may at this time.