The cold front that was predicted to come through today, did, so the flying for today was canceled.  Bruce did great yesterday, placing 14th for the day.  He has moved up in the standings to 25th place.  Unfortunately, I have been going the other way.  After completing 3 tasks in a row, I have failed to reach goal two times in a row and have fallen to 30th place.  After Nancy picked me up, we chased Bruce around the rest of the task.  He said it was comforting and embolding to know that we were right there in case he had to land.  When he went on final glide he pulled ahead of us by more than 30 minutes.  

The more we fiddle with our gliders, the more I realize how much an Atos can be tuned.  Bruce's trailing edge did not quite line up, so he rotated the sail on the D-cell until it was perfect.  He reported his trim speed increased 4 mph.  Jim tried to make his glider thermal better by raising the trailing edge of his sail (between the 8th and 9th rib).  What he did not see at the time was a big wrinkle this caused in the bottom surface of the sail.  He said he could tell right away that he was not climbing as well.  When I get back home I will add some information on what kind of adjustments can be made and how to make them.  There are things that can be done safely, and things that will cause you to deploy, so make sure you know what you are doing before you mess with your glider.  I will post the information to my website.  

Bruce suckered us into the bet about drinking buttermilk.  His mother emailed me to let me know that he does, in fact, like buttermilk, she also said something about pickled pigs feet.  Thank you Bruce's mom for the heads up, well try to keep him away from the pickled pigs feet and any more bets.  Bruce's father also wrote to give him some words of encouragement.  It's nice to see so many reading my reports.  Bruce wants to let his mom know that he is eating right, brushing his teeth, and changing his underwear daily (whether it needs changing or not).

With today's flying canceled, Nancy wanted to visit a fish/pet store in the town of Spittal, so with Bruce and I in tow, we headed off for an adventure.  (It's an inside joke, I once read that a mother with her young daughter were lost.  The daughter, concerned, asked if they were lost.  The mother did not want to cause her daughter any more anxiety, so she told her daughter, "no, we are not lost, we are on an adventure".)

We found the store without too much adventure, but it was closed (did I mention that most stores around here close between 12:00-3:00pm?)  We decided to do more adventuring and found a place that advertised  (loosely translated) "Swim with nature".  It was combination pond and swimming pool.  The water was clear like a regular swimming pool, but around the edges and to one side there were water plants, tadpoles, frogs, fresh water shrimp, etc.  Nancy was happy we stumbled across this place.  It also had a small stream and fountains.  While we looked around, Bruce (tired from 7 1/2 hours of flying) stretched out in the car and fell asleep.  He said it was the best sleep he had in 24 hours.  

After a couple hours of adventuring, we came back to the fish/pet store.  Nancy said they sold gerbils, which are not sold in California.   They also had large freshwater clams, German blue rams, and golden rams (I am assuming the rams are a type of tropical fish).  These fish are hard to find in California.

This is Bruce, driving off in our Mercedes retrieve car.  We are able to fit three ridigs on the rack I built.  It seems to be the envy of all the other teams.  We were supposed to get a Ford Mondero, but the Hertz was out of them and asked if a Mercedes would do, for the same price.  What would you do?  Too bad our flying has not yet lived up to the car.

Nancy tries to visit these pigmy goats every night.  They have their own house and a jungle gym that they can climb on.  You can see our hotel in the upper left of the picture.

There is a rumor floating around (started by Jamie Sheldon), that she is going to have breast augmentation surgery in the fall.  We here were thinking that instead of donating to the OZ report, you could donate to Jamie's upper ballast fund.  She has always trouble getting her head low on final glide, so the added chest ballast will make her more competitive, (not to mention beautifying our flying sites).