The awards ceremony last night was supposed to take one hour.  Three hours later the speeches and awards were over and the party started.   Bruce finally got to have beer, and had about 5 beers over the course of 6 hours and ended up sleeping in the car for a few hours.  I had two beers and had trouble walking.  Jim had a couple of beers as well as three or four vodka red bull shooters.   Nancy and I left the party at 11:00 pm and started packing for our trip home.   The party was much better than the one in Chelan in 2002.  It rained lightly off and on for an hour, then cleared up.  Bruce is feeling the effects of the beers today, but Jim seems not to be affected.  

Christoph was kind enough to take our gliders back to the factory.  This allowed us to tour another castle/museum on the way back to Germany.  The castle was in Spittal, Austria.  The museum's exhibits were about life in Austria in the 15th to 19th centuries.  The primary reason Nancy wanted to visit the museum was it's display of spinning wheels.  Ever since arriving in Europe, she has been trying to find information on wool, spinning and weaving.  She has had very little success until this museum. 


Bruce, Jim, Nancy and I all fly out of the Munich airport on Sunday.  We drove together from Greifenburg to Munich, where we rented a hotel 3 miles from the airport.  It is a very nice hotel which makes us feel closer to home.  Just outside our window there is a cuckoo bird, which sound exactly like a cuckoo clock (which is why they are called cuckoo clocks).  The hotel we are staying at has wireless internet access.  It cost 4.5 Euro for 30 minutes.  On the drive here, I was not able to go much more than 100 mph (160 Kph) due to traffic, the harnesses we had to strap to the top of the car, and Jim fearing for his life in the back seat.  Bruce slept most of the drive.

On the drive to Munich, we had a chance to talk about our performance in the world meet.  While we are all disappointed, none of us would compare our performance to that of a circus act.  I had my two longest flights ever, three over 100 miles.  I knew I was in for a lot of work when I completed a 132 mile task in four and a half hours, only to finish in lower half.  Jim finished 12th one day and Bruce finished 3rd one day, both great performances.  None of us ever gave up.  We tried our best every day and learned a lot.  It would take me flying this site 30 or 40 days to begin to be competitive here. 

Team USA, from left Vince, Brian, Davis, Kari, Belinda, Elsa, Bruce, Ron and Jim.  I did not find out the little child's name.

Bruce wants everyone to know that he really, really, does NOT like pickled pigs feet, so please don't send him any more, but keep the buttermilk flowing.