I checked the weather for the flight from San Jose to Big Spring TX yesterday and did not like what I saw.  Most of New Mexico and the area around Big Spring were covered in thunderstorms.  I thought that I would have to take two days to get here due to the weather.  I took off from San Jose at 5:00 am so I would have the best chance of getting here before the thunderstorms blocked my route.  Other than the completely incorrect wind forecast, the weather was quite good all the way.  I was able to cruise at 17,500 all the way to St. Johns, Arizona, my fuel stop (100LL fuel was only $2.25 a gallon, 75 cents cheaper and San Jose).  From St. Johns I had to cruise at 13,500 because of some occasional bands of clouds.  The total flight time was 7:20.  I landed in Big Spring at 2:45 local time.  

I took this picture over the New Mexico/Texas border.  This cloud sure looks like an elephant to me.  

As I approached  Big Spring the cloud bases got lower and lower.  20 miles out they were down to 2,500' agl.  It is supposed to dry out for the next week, so cloud based should rise later in the week.  The lakes northwest of the airport were so big compared to last year, I did not recognize the place.  The grass/weeds on the airport are green instead of last years brown.

This will be my home for the next week and a half.  I am staying at the Texas RV park this year.  It is about 5 miles from the airport.  There is no food available within walking distance, but they have a complementary breakfast of pancakes and coffee in the morning.  Several of the pilots are staying here (well, they have their own tents or campers).

Russell and Pete flew two of the tugs up from Leaky.  Campbell and Bobby were putting together another one in the main hanger.  Kurt is here with a trike.  It looks like we will be able to get towed up tomorrow.  I heard through the grapevine that there will be 5 Atos VXs in the meet, plus 3 new Atos Vs.  I would not be surprised if our average speed for the tasks increases 5 mph.  I will not be able to finish tuning my glider before the comp as some parts are still in Germany.  I feel good about what I have completed so far.  I should at least be able to keep up.

The RV park has wireless internet for $20 a week.  There is also wireless access at the Big Spring airport so I should not have any trouble getting out my reports.