It rained again last night, from 3:15 to 3:45.  This cabin I am staying in has a tin roof so it made quite a racket.  They start serving breakfast here at 8:00  After a hearty breakfast of Krustez (sp?) pancakes, I bummed a ride to the airport with Davis.  There were still a few wrinkles in my sail and I wanted to see if I could do something about them.  I worked on my glider for about and hour.  I then helped Ron work on his glider.  He needed to replace his nose catch so there was a lot of adjusting to do.  He did all the work, I just helped level the wings occasionally.  

The weather did not look that great today.  Lots of high clouds, lots of low clouds.  By 3:00 it started to look a little better.  Several pilots towed up and some stuck.  I towed at 3:30.  The lift was weak, less than 200 fpm most of the time.  I did make it to cloud base on my first thermal.  Cloud base was 6,000' at that time, about 3,500' agl, which is not high for what I am used to seeing here.  I flew around the area, but never more than gliding distance back to the airport.  I had no retrieve set up for today.  After an hour, the cloud base was up to 6,500'.  I flew over to the trailer park where I am staying then back to the airport.  I wanted to land because I made an adjustment to my harness that I did not like.  When I got back over the airport at 2,000' agl, I started climbing at 400 fpm so I climbed back up and took another trip over to the trailer park.  As I looked around the area, I notice that when the sun hit the ground at the right angle, I could see standing water in a lot of fields.  That is something to think about when landing out.  

The strongest thermal I saw today was 600 fpm for only a few turns.  Other pilots (I would estimate that 20 pilots flew today) reported higher climb rates and stronger thermals after I landed at 5:00.  I flew around until I burned off my altitude and landed after one and a half hours.  My glider was flying great.  I undid the change to my harness so I am all ready for the comp.

I did not take any pictures today.  I should have taken one of the hanger where we are storing our gliders.  Once again no one is in charge of what is happening and it is a mess.  I realize that I could bag up my glider and set it up every day, but we could fit a lot more gliders in the hanger is there was some order.  Once the meet starts I will probably set up my glider every day as it much less stressful that way.

At 7:00 pm about 15 of us pilots went out to dinner at K&C steak house.  Being the only vegetarian there I was a little out of place, but I have found that most steak houses have the type of food I like, baked potatoes, green beans, rice,  green salad, fresh baked dinner rolls, which is exactly what I ate.  The owner was very happy to see all of us there as we doubled the number patrons in the place.  I liked the food and I guess everyone else did as well since I heard no complaints.  

If you read a report by Ron Gleason (published elsewhere on the web) about making a new class 5.1 for the Atos VX, you must realize that it was written with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.