I had a good night sleep last night due to a full stomach.  I have no car here as I flew my plane in.  This morning I walked over to the tent camping area to see if I could bum a ride.  Most of the pilots were either not up or not near their tents.  I went back an hour later and no one was there.  I was stranded at the trailer park.  I called Ollie and he came to my rescue.  Thanks Ollie, I owe you a thermal.  

This morning the sky looked much better than days past.  

The cloud bases were about 2,500' agl at 11:00 this morning.  They started to rise, then the clouds slowly disappeared.  No one seemed to be in a hurry to fly.    Yesterday pilots were starting to tow at 2:00, today at 3:00 no one was moving their gliders.  The hanger was a mess.

Between the tugs and the gliders setting up, those pilots who wanted to fly could not get out.  Even the tugs could not get out to tow.  Finally, Robin Hamilton took the bull by the horns and just started picking up gliders and moving them outside.  This got things rolling.  The pilots who wanted to fly started towing at 5:00.  The sky had turned completely blue.  The winds on the ground were light and variable.  The density altitude of the airport was 4,500'.  Several of us decided that the risk was not worth the reward.  It looked like too much of a chance for a down wind landing.  

David Glover came by the hanger and several of us tried to figure out a way to get all of the gliders in the hanger in an orderly fashion.  We think we have a plan, but the problem is, if some one is not there at all times directing pilots where to put their gliders, someone inevitably puts there glider in a position that screws up all the rest to follow.  I'm told it will work in the end.  I am hoping I can just store my glider in Jim Yocom's trailer at night and set it up each day.

I talked to some pilots who flew today and they said conditions were light.  Toward the end of their flights, 100 fpm was a good climb.  Some got to 6,000', some only to mid 4,000.  There were a lot of whacks on landing.