Jim Yocom arrived last night.  We are sharing the storage shed (cabin) at the trailer park.  More and more pilots are arriving every day.  The hanger is stuffed full at this time.  The hanger finally got organized.  I will try and get a picture of it.  There are probably 60 gliders in it.  There is a nice setup area beside the hanger.  The airport personnel removed the fence between this area and the taxiway where we are towing.  

Jim's suburban was in Florida most of a year, waiting for his tug to be fixed.  It's out here in Texas now.  The last 3 times we started it, we had a little trouble.  Jim thought is was because he pushed on the accelerator pedal before turning the key.  Now it won't start at all.  He called a local dealer and had it towed to be repaired.  They will not be able to work on it until Monday, so we are now both stranded. 

Today is registration day.

David Glover is the guy behind the desk with his mouth open.  He usually has help, but this meet it looks like he is flying solo. 

There are nice clouds at 12:00 with bases that look about 4,000' agl.  No one has towed yet.  By 1:00 a few pilots start towing.  I am not going to fly as I do not like to fly the day before the start of a comp.  I offered to drive for Jim, Dan and Tim, three Colorado pilots.  They planed a 45 mile triangle.   The day had light lift until 3:00, when pilots started climbing much better.  Tim and Dan decided to hang around the airport.  Jim Yocom completed the triangle.  

The real excitement today were the landings.  The winds were light and variable all day.  There were a lot a great landings and a lot of ground pounding.  The most spectacular landing that did not result in any injury or damage was by Ron Gleason.  He came in fast with his foot on the bar (his normal landing).  At 10' off the ground his flap rope came undone and he bellied into the ground.  He was going so fast that he continued to slide on his belly and bounce his basetube for about 50 yards (there was almost no wind).  He came to a rather graceful stop (considering what could have happened).  He left a huge dust cloud in his wake.  

The town is putting on a dinner for us that starts at 6:00.  They are barbequing right now and it smells great.  I am going to post this and go eat.