The results for the rigid class showed Mark P. first for 1000 points, he was 4 minutes ahead of Davis.  Bruce was 6 minutes behind Davis for 860 points and I was 30 seconds behind Bruce for 849 points.  Jim Y was 5th and Jim Lamb was 6th.  Robin Hamilton and Phil Bloom tied for first place in the flex wing class, they each received 999 points.  

The weather for today as reported by Davis was supposed to be fantastic.  Light winds, cloud bases to 10,000' and good lift.  Because of the good lift, the task committee called two task, a 129 mile triangle and a 94 mile triangle.  Launch and start times were the same as yesterday.  By 12:00 there were no clouds and it was still not as warm as predicted.  All times were moved back 30 minutes.  

Most of the rigids started towing as soon as the launch window opened.  I towed about 12:40.  I think that Bobby and Rhett are having contest to see who can thermal the tug better with a glider on tow.  Yesterday behind Bobby, I was turning tighter than I ever have on tow.  Today behind Rhett, it was even tighter.  I stayed on tow both times.  

The lift was no where close to what was predicted.  I was getting a little above 7,000' waiting for the start clock.  I managed to get myself in a good position and appeared to be out in front for 5 miles or so.  A VX finally caught and passed me.  I would later catch them again at the turnpoint.  Bruce was behind me all the way to the first turnpoint.  I was getting some good climbs, about 600 fpm, but more often than not they were closer to 300 fpm.  I did manage to find some good lines of lift and had some long glides.  I made the first turnpoint in an hour and 15 minutes.  

I should mention that just after the start, my harness limiter rope came undone and I was stuck in a head down position for the remainder of the flight.  It was extremely tiring trying to hold myself up to thermal.  The winds to the first turn point were much stronger than predicted.  I was getting 55 mph ground speeds.  After the turnpoint my ground speed slowed to 35 mph.  I would guess that the winds were 12 to 15 mph.  

After the turnpoint, every time I would thermal I would loose a mile or two.  It was very slow going.  I was only 5 miles from the turnpoint when the first flex wings passed me on their way to the turnpoint.  I saw some rigid wings for the first time since the start.  From the turnpoint things slowly fell apart.  I was getting weaker and weaker climbs and was topping out lower each time.  I finally spent most of an hour to go 3 miles.  I was down to 700 agl and would climb up about 2000' and loose it, fly forward and gain about a mile.  The lift was about 100 fpm and I did this three times.  I landed 8 miles from the second turnpoint. 

Ron Gleason won the day, Davis Second, Jim Yocom third, Bruce B. 4th, and Campbell 5th.  No one else made goal.  It may be a 1000 point day.  At the time I am writing this, Jerz is in first place for the flex wings.  

Jim Yocom's car is fixed and he can pick it up tomorrow. We have had to bum a ride to the airport every day.  Ron Gleason has been kind enough to pick us up.