I survived the hell called commercial aviation and made it to Florida.  The first leg of the flight from San Jose to Dallas was not too bad.  I managed to sleep for 10 minutes.  The guy next to me had sleep apnea and would be wide awake, then fall asleep and instantly start snoring.  This would last for about a minute when either he would snore very loud and choke, or I would poke him.  He would wake up for a few minutes and then start the cycle again. 

On the leg from Dallas to Orlando, we had a crying baby three seats away.  I don't know why people insist on torturing the rest of the population with this behavior.  At the least the FAA should require all passengers to be in a seat, which would eliminate people from carrying babies on their laps.  The woman in the seat next to me must have really liked her perfume as she smelled like she dumped the entire jug of it on herself.  My eyes were burning and I was gagging from  this olfactory assault.  I  was forced to sit bent forward with my jacket over my head for the entire 2 hour flight.  No amount of ventilation air could overpower the stench.  Of course I had the usual child in the seat behind me kicking my seat the entire flight. 

I keep hearing the news organizations repeating the story that airline travel is down and the airlines are flying with half empty planes.  Since September 11, I have flown commercial 6 times and every time the plane has been over booked. 

I am currently staying in the Super 8 motel near Wallaby ranch.  My camping gear is in Mark Mulholland's truck and should be here on Tuesday.  I do not have a glider yet.  It is supposed to arrive from Germany on Monday or Tuesday.  In the mean time I am going to go down to Winter Haven for the Cardinal fly in.  If my glider is not here Tuesday I will go Sun N Fun in Lakeland.