I spent Sunday and Monday at the Winter Haven airport for the annual Cardinal fly in.  Though my plane was still on the west coast is was nice to see so many other Cardinals.

There are about 50 Cardinals here. 

Just as you drive in to the airport, there is a telephone pole with a large raptor's nest on the top.  There is a baby in the nest that looked like it was bigger than the parents.  Apparently they are not bothered by all the activity at the airport.  About 1/2 mile away on the road to the airport I spotted another nest similar to the one at the airport.  The photos below were taken of the nest at the airport.

This is the baby.  Just after I took this picture, one of the parents showed up for feeding time.

Our gliders were shipped from Germany on Friday.  They are supposed to be in Miami Monday or Tuesday.  I have not heard anything more at this time.  I will head up to Quest Air on Tuesday morning and find out more then.  Bruce Barmakian and Wally are arriving in Orlando on Tuesday.  Maybe we can get some flying in on Wednesday.

After the Cardinal gathering, I drove up to Quest to check on the gliders.  I called Jim Lamb and he said he was just pulling into the Miami airport to pick them up.  It looks like I will able to get a flight on my new VR glider tomorrow. 

There are several European teams here at Quest today.  Jamie said she saw a couple of VR's here.  The Europeans must have brought them with them.  I am guessing there will be 8 to 10 VR's and 5 to 6 VX's in the meat.  (The VR is the latest generation of glider from AIR.  It is supposed to have the same sink rate as the VX, but at 5 mph faster.)