I checked out of the Super 8 Motel this morning and drove up to Quest.  Mark Mulholland is supposed to be here tonight with the rest of my gear.  The good news is when I arrived at Quest, there was a trailer loaded with crates from Germany.  My new glider is in one of them.  Today I will spend the day learning to set up my new glider and hopefully getting a test flight.

I guess I was getting too optimistic.  Jim Lamb was here at Quest and by 8:30 we started opening the crates.  Just when we were finishing the process, Jim received a message from Felix (the manufacturer) that we were not to assemble the gliders.  He said that they did not finish assembling the gliders before they were shipped and he still had to install some cabling and other items.  He also wanted to test fly each glider before we flew them as they were not test flown prior to shipping.  He will not arrive here until Wednesday night.  It looks like we will be lucky if we get a test flight before the comp.

I have never flown with my new Flytec 5030 vario.  Since I can't fly my glider, I set up a route and drove it on the ground to get some idea how the vario operates.  There are a lot of gliders flying today.  Jim Yocom, Ron Gleason and Tim flew a practice task today.  Jim and Ron were lucky enough to hold on to their old gliders so they can still get some flying time.  I saw 40 to 50 gliders set up to take some practice flights.

Bruce and Wally are arriving at the Orlando airport at 4:00.  I am going to pick them up.  I told Bruce the good news/bad news and he thought it was an April fools joke.  I wish it was.