The wind picked up today and no one really flew.  A couple tried to tow but had weak link breaks soon after leaving the cart. 

They started erecting the big tent today.  You can see it in the picture above. 

Jim Yocom decided since he could not fly he would go on a bike ride.  He has a very nice bike, all carbon and only 15 pounds.  The rest of us (Wally, Bruce, Tim and I) sat around the screen tent and swapped lies.  We have gone over our gear several times, but until we can strap in and take a flight, we just can't get comfortable.

Mark Mulholland showed up at 9:30 last night.  I decided to go ahead and set up my tent.  I'm glad I did because it started raining 2:30 am.  My tent had no leaks so I stayed dry. 

Most of the comp pilots have arrived.  Kari Kastle is here.  She has not flown much since the worlds in Austria. 

Jamie Shelden wants to get a new glider, but she can't afford it now so she got a nice rack first.  Bruce was inspecting Jamie's new rack and thought if she was going to fly rigids, she should have gone with more padding.