Once again we awoke to an arctic breeze.  It sure felt like it was in the 40's.  The wind blew all night.  The competition was canceled for the day at the 10:00 AM pilots meeting.  It looks like the wind will continue to blow too strong tomorrow as well.  The picture at the top of the Vince report shows me with a beard.  I cut it off because I thought it would be too warm for one in Florida.  Wrong!

This shows how the tail mount raises when you pull on the flap string of the VR.  Photo by the Vince report roving photographer, Wally. 

There are only 11 VRs flying in the world, and 9 of them are at this competition.  The gliders we are flying are not the final production version.  They are heavier for one thing.  The D cells are more like the VX than the V and the nose mounting hardware is stainless steel.  Felix is going to go with lighter D cells  and aluminum hardware to save some weight.  He would like to get away from steel wires as well.  He has been testing some other material for 2 years which could save another pound. 

All this cold weather has been affecting Jamie's rack.  Bruce has noticed some irregularities when the temperatures drop.  He is working up a solution for her.

Every time Felix is near a glider a group of pilots form.  Photo by Vince report roving photographer, Wally.

With the extra time, Bruce, Wally and myself drove down to Lakeland for Sun N Fun.  There were two vendors I wanted to see.  I did find them, but in both cases the person I needed to talk to was not in the booth, they were on a break.  We had a good time all the same.