The first day we flew, someone left their tailgate down on their truck and their new Rotor harness with a new Flytec 5030 vario fell out.  They have not yet found it.  That's got to hurt.

As of this morning, Tim (the scorekeeper) has not posted the correct results for yesterday's task.  I will have to wait for the pilot's meeting to find out how I really did....... I just checked and I finished 2nd for the day, my best ever at a national comp!!!

The weather this morning was just like yesterday with a blanket of fog.  The weather for today's task is supposed to be similar winds but maybe more east.  The lift is called to be weaker with no clouds marking it.  There is will be some higher clouds that will drift across our area that will induce some shading.  It sounds like it will be more challenging today. 

Two different task were called today, one for the flexies and one for the rigids.  They wanted to keep us apart so the flexies could not use the rigids as thermal markers.  I towed third and had to work to get up.  Bruce had to work as well.  He was not pleased since he towed up first just to avoid his situation.

I was high 3 miles from the start circle with 4 minutes to the first start time.  The clouds looked really good so I decided to go.  Primoz (the Phantom pilot) was right with me.  We traded the lead all the way to Wallaby, 20 miles south.  Some of the other rigids started to catch up, including Bruce who also took the first start time.  The clouds were working, but you had to be careful to pick one that was just forming and not dissipating.  The lift only seemed to last for a few minutes before it started to weaken. 

Robert (from Austria and who won the day yesterday), took the second start time and caught us at the turnpoint.  We were right with him when we stopped to climb and he just continued to glide.  We never saw him again.  He finished 5 minutes ahead of anyone else.  The group that was with us just before the turnpoint went east when Bruce and I went west.  This shook them off our tail and we never saw them again.

All the way back we had a quartering tail wind.  It was just Primoz, Bruce and myself.  15 miles out we thought we had our last climb as it was 17 to 1 glide to goal and we had a tail wind.  We hit a lot of sink and had to climb again 8 miles out.  I missed the core and Bruce and Primoz got 2 minutes ahead of me.  Primoz just beat Bruce across the line.  I was 4th.  I am very happy with my performance as I lead a lot of the flight and flew what I thought was the correct course.  Jim Yocom did good today, he was only about 20 minutes behind us, but he also took the second start time 15 minutes after us.  I think Bruce will be in second and Jim in third after today's scoring.

I moved up from 22nd to 12 after yesterdays finish.  I should move up again today.

We forgot to zip up the screen tent when we left today.  I think a dog must have read my report yesterday because I found a pile of dog shit in the tent when we got back.  I wish other people who are also tired of the dog crap would complain to David Glover so maybe he would something about it.

I'm really happy with the way the glider is performing.  Primoz took third at the world championships in Austria last year.  He has a lot of time on that glider.  Both Bruce and I were able to climb and glide with him.  The first day we flew he was out climbing Bruce, but Bruce moved his CG back and is now happy with his climb.  We should get better as we get time on the gliders.

My track log is red, Bruce is in blue.  I was ahead of Bruce most of the way to the turn point.  We flew together on the way back.

Pabst has been supplying free beer for the meet, which is much appreciated around here.  Now all we need is someone to donate free milk shakes and Wally will be in heaven.