The scores this morning are not correct, but I think I moved up another 4 places after yesterdays flight.  I may be in 7th or 8th for the three days.  There is still a lot of flying to do.

I forgot to check my tent for mosquitoes last night and when I woke this morning I found three very fat ones trying to leave.  They were  properly dispatched, but now I have several bites on my face, hands and legs.

One thing I really like in Florida this year is they have outlawed smoking indoors.  Coming from a state that did the same thing 15 years ago, it always bothered me that Florida was so far behind the times. 

One rigid pilot went to the flex wing turnpoint yesterday instead of the rigid wing turnpoint.  No one fessed up to the mistake and the score keeper was not telling.

Of all the dog owners here, Mitch Shipley is the only one I have seen actually carrying a pooper scooper with him when he is with his dogs.  I hope the other dog owners would follow his fine example. 

This morning the the sky is completely overcast with low clouds.  The early weather report is for partly cloudy later in the day with temperatures in the low 80's.  It doesn't seem possible as I type this at 8:30 am.

I looked at Bruce and my track logs in SeeYou.  His climbs were averaging 100 fpm more than mine and his glide speed was 6 mph faster than me.  His average L/D was 13.5 to 1.  Mine was 17 to 1.  I was ahead of him at the start and he would fly fast to come into my thermal.  I was trying to dolphin fly under the clouds when I could.  I glided 10 miles in lift to his 8 miles.  It is interesting how different the flight can be and still have the same results.

Robert Reisinger took the second start time and he said he just followed all the gliders ahead of him to catch us at the turn point.  He flew the 30 mile leg back to Quest 6 minutes faster than us.     He was gliding better than us yesterday.  We don't know if it is the glider or his technique.  He is flying an early prototype VR with a slightly different configuration.

The sky cleared by noon to reveal beautiful puffy clouds.  The lift was supposed to be good and lighter winds.  Two different task were called for the flexies and rigids.  We had an out and return to the Savana turn point to the north west.  The flexies flew a polygon.

I wanted to be in good position for an early start so I was on the cart 5 minutes before the start window opened.  On tow, the rope came off the tug at the worst time, just as we got to the tree line.  I dumped the rope and managed to make a 270 to landing, coming too close for my comfort to a tug in the other line.  I had the same tug on the second tow and everything went fine.  I found 500 fpm up right off tow all the way to 5,000'.

I headed to the edged of the start circle with a couple of others in tow.  Most of the rigids were in the same gaggle at 5,000' a couple of minutes before the first start time.  I got tired of all the other gliders so I took the first start time.   As I turned in my first thermal after crossing I was glad to see two other gliders had followed me, Neville Almond and Russell Brown.

We worked together  most of the way to the turn point.  Just before the turn point we lost Russell and Neville and I had a long slow climb.  We drifted past the turn point by almost 2 miles.  This really cost us in the end.  We joined back up with Russell for one thermal then lost him again.  Coming out of the turn point we saw the rigids that took the second start time pass under us.  We were sure they would catch and pass us. 

Primoz did pass me at one point.  He went on glide from 16 miles out.  I did the same.  At the 8 mile mark I took several turns in 700 fpm and continued on my final glide.  At the 5 mile mark I saw Primoz low and turning.  I glided right past him to cross the goal first.  This was the first time I have crossed first.  Because I took the first start time I will end up with 4th for the day.  I stayed really high today, my low point was 3,300', but the rest of the time I stayed above 4,000'

Bruce and Jim were able to fly with Robert for the entire task.  He just pulled away on the final glide.  Jim is especially happy with his gliders performance.  We have been making little changes to the gliders (per Felix's suggestion) as we get time and experience on the gliders.  In a way we are the test pilots for the factory during this meet.  

My track log is in red, Bruce is green. 

This is Wally, the Vince report roving photographer.