Today's report will be short.  Rain and thunderstorms were predicted for our area today.  No task was called.  The awards ceremony was held at 12:30 in the afternoon.  I placed 6th for the meet, moving past Jim Yocom (in 7th) after yesterdays flight.  I would have preferred to pass him due to my good day rather than his bad one.  That puts me 2nd in the US Rigid Nationals.  Bruce placed first in the Nationals and third overall.  This is Bruce's 4th  win at the US Nationals. Oleg won the flex wing division with Johnny Duran in second, Paris in 3rd, Phil Bloom in 4th,  and Dustin Martin in 5th.  It's nice to see so many American pilots doing well.  All the scores are posted at:

Bruce is flying standby and managed to get a flight out tonight.  We spent the day crating the gliders, packing our gear and generally cleaning up.  I fly out tomorrow morning.  I will get a hotel room for the night. 

I will post my impressions of the new Atos VR glider when I get home.  In a nut shell it is a evolutionary step, not a revolutionary one.  The greatest improvement is in handling.