I got to bed late last night, or at least late for me.  I wanted to get up early so I can set up my glider.  My alarm went off at 6:30 and I was packed and ready to go to the airport by 7:30.  Mark showed up with my glider at 8:15 and I was all set up by 9:00.  The sail on my glider has stretched quite a bit in this humid weather.  I was able to tension all the ribs except for one without my cam helper. 

As I check the weather at 9:00 am, the day looks as bad as the worse day we have ever had here (the last day last year).  Lift is supposed to be 2 to 3 hundred fpm and top of lift at 3,000 agl.  After subtracting our sink rate we will be lucky to see 150 fpm.  I hope that things improve later in the day. 

I had fun yesterday in spite of my screw up at the start.  I started low and 15 minutes after most everyone else and caught everyone except for Johann.  If I did not care where I landed I might have caught him as well.  He headed directly on course after the turnpoint and was low over the area with very little roads and lots of locked gates.  He took the risk and was rewarded with winning the day.

The prairie dogs are as prevalent as ever.  In years past they seemed to hide when I drove by, but this year they don't seem to even notice.  I have also seen a few burrowing owls.  The owls use the prairie dogs hole as a home.

The task for today was downwind to the the Lamesa airport with two turnpoints to make it interesting.  The total distance was 55 miles.  The weather at the time of the pilots meeting called for cloud bases at 7,500 lowering to 6,500 later in the day.  We did not get a lift report, but we were supposed to have a tailwind most of the way.

I was again first to tow.  I lost 500' searching for lift but finally was able to climb to cloud base.  I thought I had a much beter start today, but somehow there were still more than half the field ahead of me.  Cloud base was about 6,500'.  It was easy to stay high to the first turnpoint, where I made a big mistake.  I flew right past it and had to go back mile and get it again.  This cost me big time.  I caught up with Johann, but he was below me.  I was 7 miles from the second turnpoint when someone called on the radio and said the task was canceled.  I signaled Johann and we started to fly back to the airport to make it easier for Randy to pick us up.  This was a mistake as Mark did not have his radio working and flew all the way to Lamesa.  We had to drive all the way back to Lamesa to pick up Mark.

I just found out that they only canceled the task for the flex wings.  It looks like I will have to file a protest and get the rigid wing task cancelled as well.  The the person on my radio contacted me they asked if I was a hang glider pilot.  I said "yes, this if Vince Endter".  He said the task was cencelled and to signal any pilots in the area. I signaled Johann and we both landed.  The course ahead was looking great, I was climbing at 400 fpm passing 6,000' when I was called.  David said I can not protest until the scores are posted at 10:30 tomorrow.  More to come.

It's getting late and I am really pissed.  I won't even go into the changing of the launch location.