Things are getting interesting this morning.  I filed a complaint (per the rules) that David has one hour to answer.  If it is not answered to my satisfaction, I will have to file a formal protest.  There are a couple of people who seem to be upset about this.  I was confronted by one person who got in my face and was quite upset by my statements.   This is the first time I have had to go through this process and I am not happy about it.  Here is my track log from yesterday.  Where it says "photo landing" was where I turned around. 

It was foggy and low clouds early this morning, but by 10:00 the sun is out.  Every morning when I check the blip maps, the day does not look very good.  I am still hoping for a day when we can get to 10,000'.  Those are the best days for me.

One hour after filing my complaint, the meet director's response was he was going to leave the scores as is.  My next step is to pay the $25 and file an official protest.  In re-reading the rules, I found that the meet director is the only one who can cancel a task, so he was violating the rules in asking someone else to radio the pilots.

Today's task was a  75 mile downwind journey to an airport called Brownfield.  Both the flex wing and rigid wing pilots has the same task.  The pilots meeting was held at 11:00.  The launch opened at 12:00.  By the time the meeting was over and we got the gliders to the staging area, the launch was already open.  All times were then pushed back 30 minutes.  This has happened 3 days in a row.  I don't know why we just can't set the times 30 minutes later from the start. 

The day finally turned out fair.  We had plenty of clouds to follow, but the bases were only 5 to 6 thousand (2500 to 3000 agl. This meant that the day was not the best for racing.  From 2,500 agl I only have about 5 miles to find a thermal, so I had to take whatever I found.  I made goal, but about 7th place (out of 11), not very good, but I am glad I made it.  Most of the day I could see the lead gaggle one thermal in front of me.  20 miles from goal I finally got some good climbs, 500 fpm to 7,000'.  I was 3000' agl 10 miles from goal when I decided to go on glide.  My vario indicated I would make it by 400 to 800' (I had a slight tailwind).  I made it with 500'.  I had to fly at best glide speed to keep my numbers positive.  I was all packed up with my glider on the truck before the first flex wing pilot crossed goal.  The task call was as good as we could hope for given the conditions.  Today would have been a great day to do a 150 mile flight if you were not in a hurry.  The 75 mile flight took me 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Here is today's tracklog.

Randy said she would take some pictures tomorrow so hopefully I will have something more interesting to post than my track logs.