The winds today are blowing 13 mph out of the south.  In the morning the sky was overcast with a threat of rain.  It is supposed to clear up and be good enough for a task today.  A 44 mile down wind task was called to Lamesa.  The launch opens at 1:30 today with the first start times for the rigids at 2:00.  There is about a 30% chance we will fly.  There is a clear area to the south that looks like it may get here in time to heat things up.

We all carried our gliders down to the tow line.  The task was pushed back 30 minutes.  I was first in line ready to go, but we had no tugs.  10 minutes after the launch opened, the tugs were ready to go.  The launch times were pushed back another 15 minutes.  I towed right when the launch window opened. 

The tow was absolutely smooth, which I knew was not a good thing.  It was a perfect day to get a polar as there was no lift.  I released at 5,200' and by the time I hit 3,400' I saw some vultures circling.  I came in over them and gained 200 feet in 15 minutes.  I started to drift over the prison.  I could see the flex wings getting ready to launch.  I could see the area to the east blowing up and knew it would get here soon.  I also could see myself getting stuck in another death gaggle like last year.  My spidy senses were tingling so I landed and broke down as fast as I could.  Just after getting bagged and on the truck the gust front hit.  Some flex wing pilots reported getting severe cloud suck and had trouble getting down.  Gliders on the ground were blowing around.  Then the lighting and rain started.  All task were canceled.  David Glover told me personally that the day was canceled.  I had to get him to clarify what that meant, all classes or what?  He said the magic words that all classes were canceled. 

Another thing that happened that confirmed I made the correct decision was after I landed and walked my glider to an area to break it down, my vario mount snapped off for no reason.  I had a safety string on it, but it would have been banging around in the wind.  One small bump in flight and it would have broken off in flight.

We are having dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then going over to someone's house for the award ceremonies.